Our first major competition winner of the $4,500 Sapphire Daisy Set was taken out by Rebecca who’s 11 year old daughter insisted she put in an entry when they were at Willow Park Nursery.

‘It came as a total shock to me when Tony rung me to say I’d won. I just couldn’t believe it,’ said Rebecca.

A few days after picking the jewellery up from the Village Jewellers she said, ‘If it wasn’t for my daughter I’d have never entered. It’s not the sort of think I’d normally have bought, but having worn it for a few days I really like it.’

Rebecca picked up a nice silver chain for the pendant on the day she came in to collect the prize.

Village Jewellers owner, Tony said it had been fun running the competition and that the store will be running another promotions in the near future.

‘Thank you to everyone that entered and please feel free to drop into our store in Manuka and say hello.’